Who we are

Our cultural mandate

Among the hustle and bustle of the city, in the district of Treptow-Köpenick there is some piece of earth boosting recreation. At the association premises “Wuhlegarten Interkultureller Garten Berlin – Köpenick e.V.” everyday people of different cultural backgrounds as well as German neighbours meet and shape their mutual get-together. Each member is allowed to do some gardening on a certain piece of land. The cultivation of fruits and vegetables is the main purpose in this regard. A number of people from various cultural backgrounds mould the heterogeneous appearance of the garden. Our environmentally sound gardening and our strive for the preservation of the biotope of a variety of animal species are also crucial elements of our work and ambition.
Again and again new projects are organized to give new meaning to areas which are collectively used and which are transformed according to our needs. Thus, a new herb spiral and a garden bed for children have been created recently. During the week as well as on weekends you will always find families in the garden who want to provide their children with some blithe leisure time within nature.
Adults as well as children widen their horizon while dealing with the acceptance of “otherness” and the open-minded self-conception of our community. They experience crucial matters of nature and its diversity and learn to understand the origin of their foods. Moreover, this leads to an appreciation of the work and time it takes to be grown and encourages a responsible consumerist behaviour.
We exercise an active exchange of ideas, recipes and everyday matters. Festivities and “subbotniks” are held on a regular basis and affect the spirit of our community. Our project does not only act as an attempt to integrate immigrants into the everyday life of German culture but it considers itself as a way of cultural interchange between different ethnicities which enriches all participating members.

Translation: Anna Wunderlich, member