After a visit to the “Internationale Gärten” (international gardens) in Göttingen in 2002, the idea to found the “Wuhlegarten” came up within the scope of the local “Agenda 21” of Treptow-Köpenick . The term “Interkultureller Garten” (inter-cultural garden) was coined during the meeting of several partners in Köpenick and is based on the fact, that people of different cultural backgrounds act and grow together while jointly working, celebrating and sharing their knowledge and language in a corporate garden without being separated by fences.

When the District Office provided an area of 5.000 m², in 2003 the Wuhlegarten became the first inter-cultural garden of Berlin. As for today, Berlin is the center of inter-cultural gardens, as there are more than 30 similar gardens in the city, which in turn are linked and supported throughout the country via the “Stiftung Interkultur”.